01 A Funny Trip With OTS Members

A Funny Trip with OTS Members

Last week, all OTS members spent an unforgettable time with each other in Heyuan city. The company has organized a vacation tour in Heyuan to physically and mentally relax employees from tense work environment. After viewing the beautiful Natural scenery, playing team games, enjoying the local delicacies, having a hot spring and other activities in Ketianxia Resort together, all members fell like a family and enjoy themselves.

  • The First Stop: Heyuan Museum

Waxworks that exhibit the local customs


  • The Second Stop: Ketianxia Resort

Dinosaur sculptures PS. Heyuan city is famous as the hometown of dinosaur

Hot spring

Girls had a nice time there


  • The Third Stop: Wanlv Lake

OTS is not only a group but also a big family for each other, so we are confident to provide the best product and service to our customers.

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