Advantages And Precautions of Concrete Compressive Testing Machine

The concrete compressive testing machine is mainly used to measure the compressive strength of 150 x 150 x 150 concrete test blocks and other building materials such as hollow bricks, porous bricks and ceramics. It adopts electric hydraulic loading, sensor measuring force, digital display force value, printer printing force value data, and automatic conversion of compressive strength.

Main advantages of concrete compressive testing machine:

1.The range of test force measurement becomes wider, more accurate, more stable. As the electro hydraulic servo control valve has zero position covering problem in static control, and also oil cylinder has the problem of sealing and friction, the output of the zero attachment is not linear, and the low speed is easy to creep, the stability is poor, the initial pressure is too high, and the output control of small deformation and small test force cannot be realized.
2. Low noise during the test,
3. The control process is not affected by temperature, and the performance is more stable.
4. No pollution problems caused by hydraulic oil running, dripping, running, leakage causing , no stop working problems for servo valve affected by pollution.
5. Long-term use with high reliability, free maintenance, no more complicated than the original testing machine.
Precautions for use of concrete compressive testing machine:

1. The operation should be carefully checked and carefully operated according to the steps before starting and operation, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited.
2. When operating, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the marking line on the vertical column (50mm).
3. It is strictly forbidden to start the motor at high pressure to avoid damaging the electrical appliances.
4. Always check whether the hydraulic oil of the tank is sufficient, and the oil standard shall prevail.
5. Replace the hydraulic oil and clean the tank every half year when using frequently.

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