Double Wings Drop Test Machine

Analyzed The Working Principle of Drop Tester

Drop tester is a professional testing of various product packaging, after a certain height of free fall, check the extent of damage, in order to improve its structure or packaging reference.
The working principle of the drop test machine is:
1. Free choice of falling point, Angle, edge, surface, with the center of gravity holder, make the falling point accurate.
2. The machine adopts large diameter single shaft structure to coordinate the rise and fall of spiral, and the positioning is accurate and fast.
3. Sets of machines are equipped with up-down upgrade limit, which can protect the machines from exceeding the safety limit.
4. The distance between its swing blade and adjustable type can be used to place large objects to be measured.
5. Quick swing of the palm leaves away from the object to be measured, and make the object to be measured fall naturally.
6. Free choice of technology drop point 1 Angle, 3 edges and 6 sides, with the center of gravity fixer, make the fall point accurate.

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