Martindale Abrasion Tester 2

Application of Martindale Wear-Resistant Tester

Martindale Friction Testing Machine Abbreviated as Martindale Wear-Resistant tester.
As per SATRA TM31 standard, wet friction method of leather is tested by Martindale Wear-Resistant Tester. Testing method and standard of Martindale Wear-Resistant Tester are as follows:

Test sample
1.Cutting devices, such as pressure knives, are large enough to produce test samples that can be firmly pressed on the test sample carrier. The exact size of the test sample is determined by the fixture of the test sample carrier. In case SATRA STM105 has a circular diameter of 44 - 1mm. Avoid any position of 50 mm at the edge of the sheet.
2 Cut more than one test sample, while comparing or referring to faded or worn samples.
3. Textile samples were placed for 24 hours at 20 /- 2 C and 65 /- 2% humidity.
1. Immerse half of the wear-resistant specimens with half of the wool felt till the color of both sides of the specimens is obviously deepened.
Samples are placed in each clamp ring and the test face is facing out.
If the quality of the test sample reaches 500g/m2, test method A or B can be used, and foam cotton can be placed in each sample holder to fill the test space of the sample.
4. Clamp the sample to prevent the test sample from sagging and wrinkling.
5. Place a dry wool felt on half of the worn samples.
6. Place dry wear-resistant sample on wool felt and test face up.
7. Place the hammer on the sample, smooth the wrinkles and remove the hammer.
8 Repeat step 6.7 on another sample.
If necessary, repeat steps 6.5 to 6.8 immediately, using wet wear-resistant samples and wet wool felt.
10. Place the test sample in the test fixture correctly to ensure the normal operation of the test.
11 Loading strength on each test head to ensure that the test sample and wear-resistant sample are loaded as required.

Martin Dyer wear-resistant tester standard consumables: 140mm (90mm), woollen cloth (140mm), foam pad (38mm)

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