ASTM D4459 Standard and Xenon Test Chamber

Based on G151 and G155 test, ASTM D4459 specifies the exposure procedures and test conditions to plastic products with xenon lamp and glasses filter inside the Xenon Test Chamber.

Xenon test chamber produced by OTS, can not only meet this standard, but also can provide you more specific test results.




1.Consists of chamber, heating, lighting, system and electronic control.
2.Chamber material: Stainless steel.
3.Inner chamber material: Stainless steel.
4.Door: Silicone rubber pressing sealing device.
5.Sample rack: Stainless steel; Fix position is adjustable; Standard stamping template.
6.Controller: Programmable touch screen controller ‘Teelong xenon lamp professional controller’.
7.Convection: long shaft special motor.
8.Equipment running timing controller.
9.Blackboard thermometer BPT or black standard thermometer BST.
10.Special filter (light through a window).
11.Radiometer: Intelligent automatic radiation intensity compensation.
12. Internal recycling water: Humidification, rainfall, etc., distilled water or clean water (rain water can be determined according to the user's needs but the system cannot bear strong acid and alkali solution), xenon lamp cooling uses deionized water or distilled water that is not in strict contact with metal.

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