Battery Extrusion And Acupuncture Chamber

Battery extrusion and acupuncture chamber is suitable for simulating the extrusion and puncture of all kinds of batteries when using, transporting, storing or treating household waste.

The test is to extruded the battery for one time only, and no explode, no file is considered as qualified.

1.For cylindrical batteries, the longitudinal axis of the extrusion battery should be parallel to the two plates of the extrusion device.
2.For square and soft-wrapped batteries, only the wide surface of the battery is extruded.
3.For hard currency or button batteries, the upper and lower planes of the battery are parallel to the extruded plate.

This test shall be operated under 20℃±5℃. The battery was placed flat on the fixture, and the corrosion-free steel needle with diameter φ 3-φ 8mm was inserted into the center position of the sample at 10mm/s-40mm/s and keeps for 1 minute.

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Motivating mode: Servo drive
Battery extrusion head: standard circular extrusion plate, easy to unload and replace. (D.150mm)
The extrusion degree: the extrusion continues until the actual pressure reaches 13 kN/ 0.2kN and maintains for 1min; Once the maximum pressure is reached, the device is automatically released to relieve pressure, and the extrusion is finished;
Pressure range: 1kN~ 20kN (Generally 13kN)
Pressure display accuracy: 0.1N; Sensor resolution:1/1000;
Unit: kg, N, lb
Sampling frequency:80 times/second
Acupuncture stroke: 100mm
Delay function:0-999 (H/ M/ S can set and adjust test time)
Steel needle: 3 pcs of high temperature resistant steel needle( 3mm / 5mm / 8mm, 100mm in length)
Acupuncture speed: at the speed of 10-40mm/s (can be set and adjusted), from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate through;
Clamping mode: Manual clamping.
Extrusion stroke: 200mm
Machine Size: 680x550x1730mm (W x D x H)
Power: AC220V 50HZ;  5A/1KW
Weight: 220kg

Operation Environment

1.Power: AC220V 50HZ;  5A/1KW
2.Environmental Temp: 0~40℃
3.Environmental Humidity: ≦85% R.H.
4.The machine should be installed and positioned on a platform of a certain level and strength.


1. Cleaning: Wipe the machine with cotton cloth before and after test
2. Anti-rust: spray anti-rust oil on the metal part of the machine surface on a regular basis.

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