Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Bicycle lights (bicycle lights) Reliability Test

Description: Bicycle is under the sense of the higher oil prices, environmental protection, is a kind of multifunctional leisure sports equipment for it is environmental and can keep fit. Also the bicycle light is an indispensable important accessories when riding at night. If purchasing the lower the bike lights without reliability tests, not only there will be a serious threat to life safety to the knight, but also it will easily causes the collision accident for car driver can not see the rider while riding at night or through the tunnel, So it is important to have a bike test with a reliability test.

Bicycle lights failure cause:
A. The lamp shell is deformed, brittle and faded due to the high temperature of the lamp
B. The lamp shell is yellowed and brittle due to the outdoor UV exposure
C. Riding downhill due to environmental changes in high and low temperature caused by failure
D. Abnormal lights power consumption
E. The lamp light’s malfunction after a long period of rain spraying
F. The lamp light’s malfunction after a long time lighting up
G. The loose fixture of car lights in riding process , which causes the lights drop
H. The sloping and vibration road causes the lamp circuit failure
Bicycle lights test classification: environmental testing, mechanical testing, exposure testing, electrical testing

Initial characteristic test: Take 30 lamps arbitrarily, using the DC power supply to cause the rated voltage lighting, when the characteristics are stabilized, measuring the distance of current and light center, if there are below 10 bad products, it is qualified, if there are more than 22 bad products, it is unqualified. If it is between 11 to 22, then we should take another 100 sample for tests, and bad products accumulated with the number of the original inspection, if it goes to 22 below then it is qualified, if more than 22, it is unqualified.

Life test: Take 10 from what passes the initial characteristics of the light bulb test, if there are 8 meeting the requirements, it is qualified.

Bicycle test speed: simulated 15 km / h in the environment

High temperature test (temperature test): 80 ℃, 85 ℃, 90 ℃

Low temperature test: -20 ℃

Temperature cycle: 50 ℃ (60min) → normal temperature (30min) → 20 (60min) → room temperature (30min), 2cycle

Damp heat test: 30 ° C / 95% R.H / 48 hours

Stress screening test: high temperature: 85 ℃ ← → low temperature: -25 ℃, residence time: 30min, cycle: 5 cycles, power- on time: ≧ 24h

Shell salt spray test: 20 ℃ / 15% salt solution / spraying 6 hours

The determination way: There shall be no obvious corrosion in the shell surface.

Waterproof test:
Description: The IPX level of rainproof lamps should be at least IPX3
IPX3 (water resistant): 10 liters of water falling from 200CM height in the range of 60 ° (Testing time: 10 minutes)
IPX4 (anti-watering, anti-splashing): 10 liters of water falling from 30 ~ 50cm in any direction (Testing time : 10 minutes)
IPX5: Sprinkling in any direction with 12.5 liters water in 3m distance [Weak water] (Testing time : 3 minutes)
IPX6: Strong water spraying with 30 liters water in any direction from 3m [strong water, pressure: 100KPa] (Testing time : 3 minutes)
IPX7 (Life waterproof): Using it for 30 minutes below 1m water

Vibration test: vibration frequency 11.7 ~ 20Hz / amplitude: 11 ~ 4mm / time: up and down 2h, about 2h, before and after 2h / acceleration 4 ~ 5g

Drop test: 1 meter (hand-held), 2 meters (bike down, falling from the frame) / cement / four times / four sides

Impact test: 10mm flat wood table / distance: 1 m / diameter 20mm /quality: 36g ball free fall / each time for top and side impact

Low temperature impact: the sample cold to -5 ℃ to maintain this temperature after three hours to implement the impact test

Irradiation test: long exposure light intensity test, low voltage irradiation test, lamp brightness, light color

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