Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Brief Introduction Of The Two Types Separators

There are two types of common separators used in high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber in the market: oil separator and gas-liquid separator. The following is to explain the similarities and differences between these two separators.

First, the oil separator: sometimes there will bring part of the compressor lubricating oil out from the constant temperature and humidity test chamber compressor exhaust port, using the oil separator can make the oil return, the other part of the oil will be returned from the Compressor suction port through the system with the refrigerant along with the refrigerant. The refrigerant is R404 and R23, and using the oil separator will increasethe saturation of the refrigerant solution. Generally the pipes are thick in the constant temperature and humidity system, which makes the oil going back more smoothly and more oil, so the oil separator is more appropriate.

Second, gas-liquid separator: using the gas-liquid separator is the effective means to avoid liquid scraper, also it can properly adjust cooling capacity. However, the gas-liquid separator has some disadvantage, which is, the gas-liquid separator will cut off the oil going back from the system , therefore there will be a must to install the oil separator.along with the gas-liquid separator at the same time. But OTS’s constant temperature and humidity test chamber refrigeration system adopts the original French "Tecumseh" compressor, because there will be appropriate buffer space inside the return air inlet, it can play a certain role in gasification, for which we do not need the gas liquid separator.

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