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Brief Operation Instruction of Dust Test Chamber

Dust test chamber is designed by GB2423.37-89, GB4208-93(same as IEC60529
-2001), Enclosure Protection Level (IP code), and IEC60529-2001. It is suitable for dust test of electrical products in IP5 and IP6 level.

This chamber simulates dust environment to test the dust proof of samples. The requirements and standards is according to GB2423.37-89, GB4208-93(IEC60
529-2001) or another product standard.

The chamber satisfies dust proof requirement of Home Appliances, Low-voltage Electrical Appliances, cars and Motorcycles in GB2423, GB4706, GB4208, DIN standard.

1.Power connection:
Connect the power cord of the sand and dust box (three-phase five-wire: L1, L2, L3, N, G) with the power supply through the peripheral protection switch (user configuration).
The earthing end at the bottom chamber back is securely connected with the earth by wire.

2.Airflow direction adjustment
All the panel button switches are in the release state (turn off). Connect the peripheral protection switch, and then connect the switch on the back of the chamber.

Drying treatment of talc powder:
Remove talcum powder 2kg and seal it with gauze bag. Put it in the drying oven more than 5 hours for preparation.
The remaining talcum powder can also be dried and placed in sealed containers.

3.Test preparation
Before the product test, the dust should be placed in the atmospheric environment at room temperature for about 2 hours.
According to the relevant standards, the test samples can be examined for their electrical and mechanical properties.
Place the sample on the shelf in the chamber (center)

4.Test operation instruction
Panel instruction:
Press the panel button power supply start switch (turn on the power supply).
Turn on the controller.
Enter parameter setting.

Parameter settings:
Click ‘test time’ and set parameters according to user’s needs.
Click ‘Blow dust’ and set test time.
Click ‘Roast dust’ and set test time.(Under the condition when the dust is with a little moisture)
Press ‘Run this picture’ and start the test. The machine will automatically stop and alarm for 3 seconds when it reaches the test time.

1.Change of Talc: The talc shall be changed after 20-times test. Method: Open the board on the right side of the machine, turbine box is showed, and open the manually locked door, then sweep out the talc with a brush. Pat the dust box which is with talc remaining inside. Lock the door after cleaning.
2.The way to prevent talc moist: Preheat the chamber 1 hour ahead of the test and the temp shall be under 60℃. Start the test when the inner chamber runs to room temp after preheating.
3.There would be some talc remaining on the door after test, please clean them with brush.

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