Floor Casters Abrasion Durability Testing Machine 1 (1)

BS EN-425 EN-985 ASTM D6962-17 & ISO 4918 Caster Chair Test Apparatus

Caster-resistant floor friction tester, also known as floor casters abrasion durability testing machine, floor casters friction durability testing machine, also known as castor-resistant floor effect tester, etc., this test is widely used to test the wear resistance of the floor caster by certain Specifications casters in a certain speed, a certain load, friction floor samples under certain circumstances trajectory, automatically shut down after the completion of the cumulative number of trials to observe the change of the sample, the sample assess wear, with a total test cycle counting, cycle times It can be set, holding pressure time can be set and other functions!

Meet following Standards

  1. BS EN 425-2002 (R2012): Resilient and Laminate Floor Coverings - Castor Chair Test Resilient floor coverings - Determination of chair casters effects.
  2. BS EN 985-2001 Textile floor coverings -. Castor chair test textile floor casters wheelchair test
  3. ISO 4918-2009 Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Castor chair test stratified elastic textile floor coverings - foot wheelchair test
  4. ISO 10581-2011 Resilient floor coverings - Homogeneous poly (vinyl chloride) floor covering - Specification Elastic Carpet - Homogeneous PVC carpet - Specification
  5. ASTM D6962-17 ANSI-NALFA-LF-01-2008.3.6 /ANSI-NALFA-LF-01-2011 ,Castor Chair Resistance-- North American Laminate Flooring Association chair casters anti-abrasion test

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  1. My name is An, I’m from Vietnam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM).
    We are currently testing laminate flooring and have a demand for the product "Caster Chair Test Apparatus".
    I would like to get some information about this product from your company.
    Please send me the quotation with calibration cost and specification of this product.

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