Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Calibration Method of High and Low Temperature Chamber

High and low temperature chamber is suitable for the reliability test of high and low temperature of industrial products. It is used to test the performance indexes of the components and materials of electronic and electrical engineering, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, ship and weapon, colleges and universities, scientific research units and other related products under the circumstances of high and low temperature alternating cycle changes.There are the following methods for the temperature calibration of high and low temperature test chamber. It is necessary to select appropriate methods according to the actual situation in practical work. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods are introduced below.I. carry out calibration without load:Advantages: the entire working area of the high and low temperature test chamber is calibrated, no recalibration is required when the test sample becomes smaller, and the applicability of the high and low temperature test chamber can be effectively evaluated.Disadvantages: cannot evaluate the impact of test samples on the test chamber.2. Carry out calibration under load conditions:Advantages: can accurately evaluate the impact of test samples on the performance of the test chamber, and can easily obtain detailed information of environmental tests on key parts or parts of the test samples.Its main drawback: when replacing test samples, it needs to be recalibrated.Iii. Real-time measurement in use:Advantages: it can obtain comprehensive environmental parameters of test samples in the environmental test process, often used in the product test with high environmental requirements.Disadvantages: each environmental test requires the use of measuring equipment, and usually the calibration method under no-load condition is adopted when the test chamber is calibrated. In order to facilitate the evaluation of the temperature performance of the test chamber, this paper also adopts this method for analysis.

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