7 Digital Free Drop Weight Impact Testing Instrument

Cautions for Using Drop Testing Machine

Drop test machine uses brake motor to drive the drop arm through a series of transmission.
The drop height adopts digital height ruler. The drop height is accurate, visual, easy to operate, the drop arm lifts smoothly, and the drop angle error is small.

Notes and Maintenance:
1.When the new machine is installed in the factory, appropriate low-concentration oil should be added to the sliding rod. It is strictly prohibited to add rust-proof oil or high-grade oil and to accumulate corrosive oil.

2.If there is too much dust in the oiling area for a long time, please lower the machine to the lower part, wipe the oil before testing, and then re-oiling the machine.

3. The falling machine belongs to impact mechanical equipment. When the new machine is used more than 500 times, each screw must be fixed once to avoid malfunction.

4. After each test, the falling arm should be dropped to avoid the long-term reset falling arm pulling the spring out of shape and affecting the test effect. Please reset before each fall. After the motor stops turning, the falling key can be pressed.

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