2 Tensile Machine

Characteristics of Rubber Tension Testing Machine

Rubber tensile testing machine main raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products of the physical properties, and can be applied for the test, stress test, bending test, and obtains the elongation, elongation, stress, strain and other test results and test data.The tension testing machine can be equipped with different clamps, accessories, two point extender and load cell for various tests. It can operate alone or connect to the computer control platform.

The rubber tensile testing machine can analyze the whole test results, such as elongation, stress, strain, damage value, average value, etc.Tensile machine can also cooperate with the test object of type specimens or requirements will be destroyed and the whole test process, analysis of the physical properties of test samples, such as tensile, compressive, flexural and fatigue, stripping force, bending, etc.In addition, there are also test production equipment such as air pressure cutting test machine, hard test cutting machine, hot pressure forming machine, etc., which can make standard test pieces to make the test more accurate.

The computer servo tension testing machine provides two sets of capacity testing space, which allows the operator to have a wider range of use.It is mainly used in steel wire, small screw fabric and other industries.Biggest test of 50 kn force, long stroke and has two test space, can be installed capacity of two different sensors, used in testing strength difference is very big, in the spring industry, for example, the steel wire industry, the material such as rubber and plastic industry analysis of the test.

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