Classification and Characteristics of Drop Test Machine

The drop test machine has the following classifications and features:

First, single-arm drop test machine: The drop test machine adopts the brake motor to drive the chain to drive the drop arm to descend. The drop height adopts the height gauge, the drop height is accurate, the display is intuitive, the operation is simple, the drop arm rises and falls smoothly, and the drop angle error small. This machine is suitable for all manufacturers and quality inspection departments.

Second, zero drop test machine: This test bench is mainly used to assess the degree of impact of the package on the actual transportation, loading and unloading process, and to assess the impact strength and packaging design rationality of the package during handling.

The zero drop test machine is mainly used for the large package drop test. The zero drop test machine is used as a test piece bracket by an "E" type fork that can move down quickly. The test goods are tested according to the test requirements (face, edge, angle test). Place the balance. During the test, the pallet moved down at high speed and disengaged from the test piece. The “E” fork fell to the bottom plate glue in the packaged goods under test, and was embedded in the bottom plate under the action of the high-efficiency damper. Theoretically, zero drop The test can be used for the drop test from the zero height range. The drop height is digitally set by the test requirements, and the drop test is automatically performed according to the set height, and the large packaged goods and test pieces are dropped.

Applicable standards: GB/T1019-2008

Third, the two-arm drop test machine: the double-arm series drop test machine, mainly to meet the ability of the product packaging under the transportation conditions, thereby improving and perfecting the packaging design. The double-arm series drop test machine adopts double-column direction, spring buffer and height scale indication, and the work is stable and reliable. It can realize edge, surface and corner drop, and meet GB/T4857.5-92 and ISO2248-1972(E).

Drop test machines are divided into three sub-categories, all of which have different and identical characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a drop test machine, you should know which drop test machine your product is suitable for.

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