2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Common Dysfunction of Salt Spray Chamber and Judgment Processing

1. Does the test chamber pressure tank temperature not be heated?
Solution: Check if there is water, please fill the water shortage; if the heating tube is burnt out, replace the heating tube.

2. The timer does not work?
Solution: Whether the set temperature has been reached, wait for the temperature to reach the required state; the test chamber or pressure tank is short of water, please replenish water when there is water shortage.

3. Do not spray?
(1) Please check whether the pressure gauge has pressure and whether the nozzle is blocked. If it is blocked, remove the nozzle, use a small copper wire to clear the small head from the nozzle, and use a gas source to blow from the nozzle head until the blockage is cleared or replaced. nozzle;
(2) The salt water tank lacks salt water, and the indicator light will flash and add salt water;
(3) Make sure that the air source is connected and there is pressure on the pressure gauge. Check the pressure gauge.
4. Can the test room (pressure tank) not reach the set temperature?
(1) The temperature control table is damaged, and the temperature control table is replaced (only for the instrument type salt spray machine);
(2) The heating pipe is damaged, and the heating pipe is replaced;
(3) The water level device is damaged and the water level device is replaced;
(4) The test chamber (pressure tank) temperature controller temperature setting is too low;
(5) The test room safety protection switch temperature setting is too low;
(6) Controller failure.

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