1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

Common Problems In Artificial Accelerated Aging Test

Plastic, rubber, paint and other polymer materials will encounter the problem of aging in use. In order to evaluate the aging resistance of polymer materials, two types of aging test methods are gradually formed: one is the natural aging test method, that is, the aging test directly using the natural environment; the other is the artificial accelerated aging test method, Aging tests using aging boxes to simulate certain aging conditions of natural environmental conditions. Due to the diversity of aging factors and the complexity of the aging mechanism, natural aging is undoubtedly the most important and reliable aging test method.
However, due to the relatively long natural aging period, the difference of climatic conditions in different years, seasons and regions leads to the incomparability of experimental results. However, artificial accelerated weathering simulations strengthen some important factors in natural climate such as sunlight, Temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc., shorten the aging test cycle, and because of the controllability of test conditions, test results reproducibility. Artificial aging as an important complement to natural aging, is widely used in polymer research, development, testing.

In the artificial accelerated aging test, people generally concerned about the following questions:
a) What kind of test conditions should be chosen?
b) How long does it last?
c) What criteria should be chosen to evaluate the aging performance of the product?

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