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Comprehensive Sponge Fatigue Hardness Test Machine

This machine is for the measurement of various sponge and fluff in the specified load fatigue test, as well as the hardness range thickness.


Test standard: GB/T12825-2003; GB/T18941-2003; ISO 3385
Maximum capacity of load: 200kgf
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Test force: 0.2%~100%FS
Relative deviation of test force: ±0.5% of the indicated value
Test resolution: 1/300000 of maximum test power
Displacement resolution: 0.025mm
Relative deviation of displacement : ±0.5% of the indicated value
Speed control of force control: 0.005~5%FS/S
Relative deviation of force control: ±1% of the set value
Relative deviation of dis-formation: Within ±2% when the rate is ≦0.05%FS;
Within ±0.5% when the rate is ≥ 0.05%FS.
Fatigue test Load value: 0~1500N adjustable
Upper pressure plate: diameter 250mm bottom rounded corners R25mm
Bottom plate: 300mm×300mm, diameter of air holes: 6mm, spacing: 20mm
Travel: 30~100mm samples can be tested
Reciprocating compression frequency: 10-70 times /min adjustable
Real-time display of force value: accurate to ±20N
Test times: 1~999999 adjustable
Recessed hardness range thickness Test speed:100-10 mm/ min
Pressure plate:200 mm diameter bottom fillet R25mm displacement Resolution: 0.1mm automatic calculation test result with online and software
Power 1Ø 220V 50HZ 10A

Control and data system
Switching can be controlled in PLC and PC
PLC Control Real-time display Power and Curve
PC Control Real-time display Power and Curve
Test data graphics; analysis function.
Set your own data access path.
All kinds of tests are modular.
Load →displacement mode.
Load →time mode.
Stress→strain mode.
Stress→time pattern.
Stress→time pattern.

The maximum capacity protection, this machine is to protect the computer system, prevent the load from exceeding the safe capacity of the machine, can set different safe capacity, when reaching the set capacity, can stop automatically, protect the load cell.

Transmission: using deceleration speed governor to drive pot wheel, pot rod, low sound, high durability.

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