5 Xenon Lamp Test Conditions And Standard

Conditions For the Weathering Resistance Test of Automobile Sealing Strip

Conditions For the Weathering Resistance Test of Automobile Sealing Strip. Aging test of weather resistance of automobile sealing strip:
(1) test conditions: there is a frame in the test box, which can drive the sample frame to rotate as required, making the sample surface air flow for temperature control. Automatic control of irradiation intensity by an irradiator; With a blackboard or black mark and sprinkling and humidity control system, it can better control the lighting, temperature, humidity and rainfall environment in the box. The surface of the sample can be sprayed intermittently with distilled or softened water under specified conditions.
(2) test method: the aging test chamber of air-cooled xenon lamp or water-cooled xenon lamp was used for the test.
(3) set black label or black mark temperature: 65 + 3 ℃, humidity setting: 64 + / - 5% r.h., set the irradiance: 0.50 W / ㎡
(4) set spraying cycle: each spraying time :18min and 0.5min; Anhydrous time between two sprays :102min and 0.5min.
(5) set the dark cycle: relative humidity is suitable for the test of continuous light. The dark cycle can be more complex, such as the dark cycle with higher relative humidity, during which the temperature of the test chamber is raised and condensation forms. The specific conditions of the dark cycle cycle test should be explained in the test report.
(6) evaluation result: the measurement of the performance change of the sample after exposure shall be conducted in accordance with GB /T 15596. Door sealing strip is mainly applied to door frame, side window, front and rear windshield, engine cover and luggage, and plays the role of waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration. The sealing strip of ethylene propylene rubber has superior aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance, good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, won't crack or deform in long-term use, and can maintain its original high sealing performance between -50 degree and 120 degree.

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