1 How To Distinguish UV Aging Test Machine For UVA Or UVB

Description Of The Working Principle Of The UV Aging Test Chamber

The uv aging test chamber uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as a light source to simulate the accelerated weathering resistance of the material by simulating the ultraviolet radiation, rain, condensation, temperature and humidity environment in natural sunlight to obtain the weather resistance of the material. This machine is suitable for non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as: paints, paints, rubber, plastics and their products) to test the aging of products and materials under the changing conditions of sunlight, rain, humidity, temperature, condensation and other climatic conditions. Degree, in a short time, discoloration, fading, chalking, cracking, blurring, embrittlement, strength reduction and oxidation.

The UV aging test chamber simulates the temperature of the natural climate, such as the tropical temperature of 40 ° C or higher, and the annual temperature in the surrounding areas of Antarctica or Russia is even lower than -40 degrees. We should test the heat and cold resistance of the product. Sex, for example: mobile phone, if you want to know if the phone can talk at very high or very low temperature, you need to set the corresponding temperature in our high and low temperature box to simulate this climate.

UV aging test chamber simulates the principle of natural climate
On this side, the general box is a function of a relative humidity in a test chamber to which air pressure is added by means of a diffusion, and there is also an increase in the humidification process which does not increase one of the systems. Extra heat. Or a dehumidification effect of the spray water when a temperature of the point is required. This humidity is a regulating effect of the main switch that controls the water. Therefore, steam humidification and shallow water pan humidification are used in the early stage, and its control process is relatively long, and it is also relatively suitable for the system to stabilize the humidity.

For the water vapor saturation pressure property of the UV aging test chamber, it can be known that a saturation pressure of water vapor is generally only a function of temperature, but it has nothing to do with an air pressure at which water vapor can be used, and it has been adopted in a large number of formulas. Adopt the role. The process of humidification is actually to increase the partial pressure of water vapor. The initial humidification method is to spray water to the test chamber wall, and the water surface saturation pressure is controlled by controlling the water temperature.

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