Environmental Test Chamber

Description of Water-Cooled Unit in Walk-In Temp Humidity Chamber

The large Walk-In Temp Humidity Chamber has a wide range of temperature and humidity control, which can meet the needs of users. It can achieve a safe and accurate temperature and humidity environment by adopting a unique and balanced temperature-regulating method. With stable and balanced heating and humidification performance, high precision and stable temperature and humidity control can be carried out. It is equipped with high precision and intelligent temperature regulator, and the temperature and humidity are displayed by LED digital display. High and low temperature humidity and heat test box can be selected with temperature and humidity recorder.

Large Walk-In Temp Humidity Chamber refrigeration loop automatic selection, automatic controlling device has a temperature set point selection operation performance of the refrigeration loop, achieve directly start the chiller under high temperature, direct cooling. Equipped with advanced safety, protection device leakage circuit breaker, overtemperature protector, missing phase protector, water break protector.

Water-cooled units in large walk-in laboratory:

  1. The large walk-in laboratory connect water condenser, cooling tower, circulating water pump, water pipe connected, with reasonable design, water saving and energy saving, heat exchange, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, less takeover etc;
  2. The lab on the basis of the traditional and newly developed copper tube for condenser coil, replaced the iron pipe, greatly narrowed the appearance, weight reduction, shortened the site construction cycle, reduce the transportation and installation costs;
  3. Low power, large flow, low noise, low power consumption, etc.
  4. The water distribution system adopts PVC plastic structure, which has the characteristics of large flow, anti-jam, uniform spraying, easy maintenance and long life.
  5. Large step test chamber axial fan impeller adopts aluminum alloy, the blade adopts high-strength nylon wind blade, which has the characteristics of high wind pressure, large air volume, small noise and smooth operation.

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