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Did you Notice the Details of Installing the Universal Testing Machine?

The functions of universal testing machine are diversified, so the application fields are different. The functions used in different fields and the performance of the equipment are different. Therefore, the safety of the equipment itself is very important.We look at the introduction below.

What should be paid attention to when installing universal testing machine:

First of all, the equipment should be installed in a clean, dry room with no vibration, and the indoor temperature is between 20 degrees and 10 degrees. At the same time, the beam bending test should be done. The extensometer can also be used during the test.There should be enough space around the device to install.The main body and dynamometer of the equipment shall be installed on the concrete, and the size of the base shall be based on the shape and the rules of the foundation drawing, leaving the holes for the base screw and the screw rod of the lower pliers as well as other wire installation pipes, etc.

Secondly, based on the plane must be very smooth, look for is needed when level, when the installation base after drying, to mount machine, the main body and dynamometer, respectively, after carrying on the concrete requirements based on form and the foundation and the figure to adjust the adjustment in time to ensure that the gap between the subject and dynamometer and direction.

In addition, the installation can also use a small plate inserted into the main body and the bottom of the dynamometer and find positive, subject can find is in the first time in two columns on different position, house type water level gauge is used to measure, then can use square level on cylinder outer surface of vertical and horizontal two position, looking for lead straight degree is equipment.

Finally, after the preliminary precision alignment of the equipment, the initial operation shall be stopped after the oil pipe, power supply and filling. If the initial operation is smooth, the precision alignment of the equipment shall be stopped.The square meter is used to find the correct time demand on the working platform, to find the lead vertical of the oil cylinder, to adjust or increase or decrease the padding iron under the machine seat, so as to control the error in a certain range.

Install the universal testing machine to ensure the professional, not only when more attention to the accuracy, of course in the process of installation and ensure that all sorts of details, so you need when the choose and buy as far as possible to find a professional qualification degree is relatively high production enterprises, because such enterprises can not only guarantee the quality of equipment, can provide professional installation services and technical support and after-sales service.

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