Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Difference Between High Low Temp Chamber and Constant Climatic Chamber

There is a series of high and low temperature test cases:

High and low temperature test chamber: single test with high temperature and low temperature, no humidity requirement.

High and low temperature alternating test chamber: only high temperature and low temperature test, and need to circulate.

High and low temperature humidity test chamber: high temperature and low temperature should be done, and humidity should be done.

High and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber: to do high temperature and low temperature, and to do the humidity, and need to circulate.

Constant temperature and humidity box is divided into table and vertical, the biggest difference is that the former experiment temperature range can not be lower than room temperature, humidity is greater than 85% and cannot be set, the latter can do low temperature constant temperature and humidity test.In fact, the constant temperature and humidity chamber is different from the high temperature and humidity test box, which is the same in some way.

General of constant temperature and humidity box can do "alternating hot and humid test", but the alternating test condition depends on what you are doing, is often called, we call it with circular function "programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber and alternating hot and humid test function

Constant temperature and humidity box, generally refers to the temperature of 15 degrees to 85 degrees, can do humidity 30% ~ 30% r.h., can also according to different user needs special customization, of course, before this in advance and manufacturer, to plan, price will have change

High and low temperature alternating humid chamber, the general temperature to - 20 ℃ and 40 ℃, 60 ℃ or lower.Humidity can be 30-98% (25-80 ℃) alternating hot and humid experiment mainly interpreted as: in a certain period of time, the temperature remains constant humidity test according to the rate of change of you, or vice versa.Some experiments require that temperature and humidity change at the same rate.General of constant temperature and humidity test is first arrive to be in control humidity, temperature (a word: alternating refers to control temperature and humidity at the same time but also from a switch to the next section, without artificial waiting for operation)

In fact, the so much, in the final analysis, that is, a series, just literally meaning is different, there is a way different from region to region, according to the experimental method and an experimental condition, one less test method, can also lead to the choose and buy equipment, high and low temperature box series also contains high temperature test chamber, such as low temperature test chamber, a variety of indirect test chamber also illustrates the nature myriad changes in the environment.

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