2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Difference Between Neutral Salt Spray and Acid Salt Spray Tests

The salt spray corrosion test chamber can test the ability of salt spray corrosion of materials and protective coatings, and compare the process quality of similar protective coatings, at the same time, it can also test the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosion.
The product is suitable for salt spray corrosion test of parts, electronic components, protective coatings of metal materials and industrial products.

Salt spray / fog test is divided into neutral and acidic.
What is the difference between neutral and acidic in salt fog test chamber ?

1. Temperatures in test methods are different:
Neutral test: a. Laboratory: 35 +1, B. Saturated air barrel: 47 +1.
Acidity test: a. Laboratory: 50 +1, B. Saturated air barrel: 63 +1.

2. Different materials of finished products
The former (Neutral test) is made of traditional PVC reinforced rigid plastic sheet.
While the latter (Acidity test)requires upgraded version of the P P sheet. Because PP board is more resistant to high temperature and strong acid test than PVC board.

3. Different test methods for satisfaction
The neutral salt spray / fog chamber is customized according to GB/T 2423.17-2008, GB/T 2423.18-2000 Basic Regulations for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ka, salt fog test method and GB/T 10125-1997, GB/T 10587-2006, GB10593.2-1990, GB/T 1765-1979, GB/T 771-2007, GB/T 1267.3-2008, GB/T 5170.8-2008 and other national standards.
In addition to the test method specified in the national standard, the acid salt spray / fog test chamber needs to expand IEC, MIL, DIN, ASTM, ASTM, etc. Standard setting of IS, CNS, etc.

4. Contrast of Neutral Test Solutions
China: NaCI Distilled Aqueous Solution , NaCI Mass Concentration (50 +5) g/l pH 6.5-7.2
USA: NaCI Distilled Aqueous Solution with 5%+1% , NaCI Mass Concentration and pH 6.5-7.2
Germany: NaCI Distilled Aqueous Solution , NaCI Mass Concentration (50 +5) g/l pH 6.5-7.2
Japan: NaCI Distilled Aqueous Solution , NaCI Mass Concentration 5%+1% pH 6.5-7.2
France: NaCI Distilled Aqueous Solution 5%, NaCI Mass Concentration, pH 6.5-7.2

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