Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Dynamic Test of Ozone Aging Test Chamber Reference Standard

Dynamic test standard for ozone aging test chamber GB/T 13642-92 is based on ISO 1431/2-1982, part 2: dynamic strain test.The test method for evaluating the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber under dynamic tensile deformation is provided in the standard.It is suitable for the aging test of vulcanized rubber under dynamic tensile deformation, exposed to air with a certain concentration of ozone and a certain temperature without direct influence of light.

Will be vulcanized rubber sample under the continuous dynamic stretching deformation, or in the discontinuous dynamic tensile deformation of alternating with static stretching, exposed to the airtight no light contains a constant concentration of ozone in the air and constant temperature test chamber, to test the sample, according to the predetermined time from the sample surface cracks or other performance changes in the degree, to assess resistance to ozone aging properties of rubber.

Dynamic test standard for ozone aging test chamber:
GB528 determination of tensile properties of vulcanized rubber
GB/T 2941 standard temperature, humidity and time for adjustment and test of rubber sample environment
GB 7762 static tensile test for ozone resistance to aging
Preparation of GB 9865 vulcanized rubber sample and test
Test method for GB 11206 vulcanized rubber aging surface crack

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