ASTM D6962 17 & EN 425 Castor Chair Test Apparatus (1)

EN 425 ISO 4918 Castor Chair Test Machine

1.Resilient and laminate floor coverings- Castor chair test
2.Take BA-10B EN 425 ISO 4918 Castor chair test apparatus as an example The Castor chair test machine according to EN 425 and ISO 4918 standard specification design, suitable for all types of floors, carpets, floor coverings and other products of Castor chair wear-resistant performance test.

Apparatus and materials
3.1 Circular plate, of minimum diameter 750 mm, that rotates at a speed of 20 r/min.
The direction of rotation shall be reverse d every 60 r, with a pause of 5 s before restarting;

3.2 Triangular mobile platform, rotating in the same direction as the circular plate, at a faster nominal speed of 50 r/min.
The platform shall be in contact with the test piece via a load exerted by a total mass of 90 kg (including the mass of the components) equally distributed between three castors;

3.3 Castor set,comprising three castors with the following dimensions: diameter of castors (50 )mm
width of castors (20 )mm
radius of curvature of castor tread (130 )mm
crank distance (32 )mm
distance between any two castor mountings (225 ) mm

Note: The castors shall be Type W(ISO 4918 of The castors shall be Type W and H ) soft tread, in accordance with 4.2.2 an d of EN 12529:1998. The castor treads shall be made from polyurethane and the surfaces of the castor wheels shall be smooth, without any deep scoring or hard encrusted particles

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