Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Factors Affecting The Uniformity Of High And Low Temperature Test Chambers

When selecting a high and low temperature test chambers, it is more through his technical parameters such as temperature range, uniformity, fluctuation, heating rate and cooling rate to match the test conditions he wants. Uniformity is a parameter that we have to pay attention to, but we always have excessively uniform faults in the process of using the equipment. Then the main reasons for the uniformity of the test chamber are too large:

1, Tightness

The sealing of the cabinet is not good. For example, the door leaks, which affects the uniform temperature of the equipment studio.

2, The sample size is too large

If the temperature deviation is required to be placed in the working room, when the sample volume is too large, or the placement or position is not appropriate, the air convection is blocked, which may cause a large temperature deviation.

3, The heat conduction of the box wall

Due to the heat conduction of the high and low temperature test box wall, heat loss occurs in the high temperature box or the low temperature box leaks. In order to compensate for the heat loss, there is bound to be a difference in the supply air temperature. The air supply temperature of the high temperature box is higher than the working temperature inside the box. The supply air temperature of the box is lower than the working temperature inside the box. Due to the inevitable temperature difference of the supply air, temperature unevenness is generated in the working chamber.

4, Structure

The structure of the high and low temperature test chamber equipment largely affects the uniform temperature in the working medium. Since the structure is difficult to be completely symmetrical, it adversely affects temperature uniformity. The front door is in front and the air-conditioned room is at the back of the box. This structure has good left-right symmetry and can easily reach the left and right temperature uniformity.
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