Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Failure Discovery Skills of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

What should you do when your high and low temperature test chamber doesn’t work well? Don’t worry, OTS for your support, we have 5 tips for you to analyse your machine:


Carefully observe the working conditions of each part of the high and low temperature test machine, and focus on the three parts: refrigeration system, electrical system and circulatory system, to judge whether they work normally.


When the power is on, listen if the compressor running sound is normal: abnormal sound, fan operation noise etc.


It is helpful to judge the nature and position of the fault by touching the relevant parts of the machine, to feel its cold, hot and vibration. Normally, the temperature of the condenser is gradually decreasing from top to bottom, and the temperature in the lower part is slightly higher than the ambient temperature. If the whole condenser is not hot or the upper part is slightly warm, or even hotter, but there is a significant difference in temperature between the two adjacent pipes, it is not normal.


In order to accurately determine the nature and location of the fault, it is necessary to check the performance parameters and state of the test chamber with instruments and meters. If the leak detector is used to check the leakage of refrigerant, the multimeter will be used to measure the power supply voltage, whether the current and the running current of the terminals meet the requirements.


Most of the results obtained by the above inspection methods can only reflect some local states. Each part of the high and low temperature test chamber is connected with and affects each other. A fault phenomenon may have caused by reasons, and one may cause many kinds of faults. Therefore, the local factors should be comprehensively analyzed and compared, so as to determine the nature and location of the fault comprehensively and accurately.


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