Q1: For a Walk in Test Chamber, how to install?

A: We will send factory technical staff and sales staff to your company, on-site assembly.

Q2: What is my chamber’s water-cooled condenser water requirement?

A: Please consult your specific room manual for accurate specifications. If the water cooling chamber is experiencing high stage high discharge pressure, check the measured water pressure difference (flow meter is insufficient). In addition, check the inlet temperature. During the installation process, make sure that the pipes of equal diameter are connected to the water and faucet fittings of the room to the building's water system. Reducing the size may cause operational problems.

Q3: How often should I need to adjust my chamber’s tuning parameters?

A: This usually does not need to be done unless the product load has changed significantly. Once the room is adjusted for optimal control, the room should be able to take advantage of the life of these values.

Q4: My shaker runs well bare table (no fixture or product loaded on the armature). It does not run as well when a product is added. What might be the problem?

A: In many cases, the fixture itself or the product installation method to the fixture is identified as a problem. In addition, the accelerometer installation may be of paramount importance. Please contact us for assistance in this area.

Q5: Do you accept customization service? Can I have my logo on the machine?

A: Yes, of course. We can not only offer standard machines, but also customized
machines according to your requirements. And we can also put your logo on the machine.

Q6: How to choose the most suitable products?

A: Our professional team will give you the best suggestion,just be patiently to tell us the information about the parameters your required.

Q7: Can you arrange installations and commissioning in our lab?

A: Firstly, for standard chamber we had 3-5 days commissioning before shipping , you just need link power in your lab, then can start to operate
Secondly; we had detailed operation manual with chamber , any problems you can find and solve in it
Thirdly, some of customized chambers we should to install and teach your team to operate .

Q8: Do you offer after-sales service? How can I ask for that? And how about the warranty?

Every machine from our factory has a 14-month warranty after shipment. Generally,we offer 12 months for the FREE maintenance, while considering of sea transportation,we can extend 2 months for our customers.
If your machine doesn’t work, you can send E-mail to us and we will try our best to find the problem by email or skype video chat if neccesary. After confirmation of the problem, we can send you new spare parts or provide on-site repair.

Q9: What’s the delivery term?

At most of time, we have stock in the factory. If there is no stock, normally, the delivery time is 15-20 working days after deposit receipt. If you are in urgent need, we can consider making a special arrangement for you.

Q10: How to install and use the product?

We will send you operating instructions, English video by Email. Or you can download on our officail website directly.
Most of our machine is shipped with a whole part, which means it is already installed, all you need to do is to connect the power cable and start to use. And if possible, we can also install your machine at site.