Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

Five Principles for Purchasing High-Low Temperature Test Chamber

Five principles for purchasing high-low temperature test chamber:

1. Reproducibility of environmental conditions for use of high and low temperature test chambers

Complete and accurate reproduction of the environmental conditions present in nature in the test chamber is elusive. However, within a certain range of tolerances, one can exactly and approximately simulate the external environmental conditions that engineering products undergo during use, storage and transportation.

2. Reproducibility of environmental conditions for use of high and low temperature test chambers

An environmental test equipment may be used for multiple tests of the same type of product, and a tested engineering product may also be tested in different environmental test equipment, in order to ensure that the same product is tested in the same environmental specifications as the test specification. The comparability of the test results obtained under the conditions necessarily requires that the environmental conditions provided by the environmental test equipment be reproducible. This means that the stress levels (eg, thermal stress, vibrational stress, electrical stress, etc.) imposed on the tested product by the environmental testing equipment are consistent with the requirements of the same test specification.

3, Comparability of the use of environmental conditions parameters of high and low temperature damp heat test box.

The environmental conditions provided by any environmental test equipment must be observable and controllable not only to limit the environmental parameters within a certain tolerance range, but also to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of test conditions. Moreover, it is also necessary to proceed from the safety of product testing in order to prevent the uncontrolled environmental conditions from causing damage to the tested product and bring about unnecessary losses.

4. Exclusivity of environment test conditions for high and low temperature test chamber

Each time an environmental or reliability test is conducted, there are strict rules on the types, magnitudes, and tolerances of environmental factors, and environmental factors that are not required for the test are excluded to allow judgement and analysis of product failure during or after the test. In the case of a failure mode, it provides an exact basis. Therefore, it is required that the environmental testing equipment is not allowed to add other environmental stress disturbances to the tested product, in addition to providing the specified environmental conditions.

5, Safety and reliability of high and low temperature test chamber

Environmental tests, especially reliability tests, have long test cycles. The objects to be tested are sometimes high-value products. During the test process, testers often perform test work around the site. Therefore, environmental test equipment must be safe and operate. Convenient, reliable, long working life, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the test itself.

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