1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

Four Factors That Influence The Uniformity of High Low Temp Chamber

When we are choosing a suitable high low temp chamber, we prefer to compare if the parameters (temp range, uniformity, fluctuation, heating and cooling speed) can meet our needs. Especially uniformity, it’s the most magnificent part we need to considerate. So the following factors demands the uniformity mos

If the chamber is not well-sealed, like the leakage from door, the temp and humidity uniformity will be influenced.

2.Oversized test samples
If the sample is too large and placed in the chamber, it will obstruct the air convection and lead to a larger temp deviation.

3.Heat conduction inside the chamber
Because of the heat conduction inside the chamber, the heat and cold leakage happens. To solve this situation, the wind supply temp difference exists.

The structure of the high and low temperature test chamber equipment has a great influence on the temperature uniformity. The front door and the air-conditioning room are at the rear of the chamber and the upper air is blown back to the wind. The structure has the advantages of good left and right symmetry, and can be easily reached to the left and the right temperature.

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