2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Four Kinds of Judgment Methods of Salt Fog Test Results

The purpose of the salt spray test is to assess the quality of salt spray corrosion of the product or metal material, and the salt spray test result is the judgment of the quality of the product. Whether the judgment result is correct or not is the correct measurement of the product or metal salt spray The key to corrosion quality.

Salt spray test is a measure of corrosion resistance of the product test, then the results of the determination of those methods? What method should we use to determine whether the success of the test, the product is qualified? Give you the four most basic methods, hope to help you.

1. Rating judgment method
Is the percentage of the corrosion area and the total area of the percentage of a certain method is divided into several levels to a certain level as a basis for qualified, it is suitable for flat panel samples for evaluation.

2. Weighing judgment method
It is judged by the weight of the sample before and after the corrosion test, and the corrosion resistance of the sample is evaluated by the weight of the corrosion loss. It is particularly suitable for the evaluation of the corrosion resistance of a metal.

3. Determination of corrosive substances
Is a qualitative determination method, it is salt spray corrosion test, the product is corrosive to the phenomenon of the sample to determine the general product standards are mostly used in this method.

4. Statistical analysis of corrosion data
Provides a method of designing corrosion tests, analyzing corrosion data, and determining the confidence of corrosion data. It is mainly used to analyze and statistically analyze corrosion conditions rather than specifically for the quality of a particular product.

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