Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

GB/t50081-2002 General Concrete Mechanical Performance Test Scheme

Concrete is one of the most widely used and the most used building materials in civil engineering, its mechanical properties are the core performance index, and the construction process is a quality inspection project.

This scheme mainly applies to the concrete production enterprises and construction quality inspection stations and other institutions.

The program contains test targets, relevant test standards, sample types and typical test equipment for application and test applications.


1. Objective of the experiment

The most important mechanical properties after hardening of concrete are the ability of concrete to resist pressure, pull, bend and shear stress.

The characteristic parameters are:

The compressive strength

Axial compressive strength

Elastic modulus of static pressure

Splitting tensile strength

Flexural strength


2. Relevant test standards:

GB/t50081-2002 general concrete mechanical properties test method

GB 50204-2015 concrete structure engineering construction quality acceptance standard,

GB 50164-2011 concrete quality control standard


3.Sample type: rectangle or cylindrical


4. Typical test equipment applicable to test application:

4.1 test equipment

Standard configuration of test equipment: host + attachment

Main engine: YAW series electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine

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