2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

Hardware Electroplating Industry – Characteristics Of Salt Spray Test Box

As we known Salt spray test chamber is used to test the corrosion resistance of metal or electroplating products, and generally do this experiment requires tens to hundreds of hours after the test finished to see whether the product is yellow, rust, specifically whether In line with your company's requirements, which will be based on the different standards of each company to set.

Our company's metal plating industry -What is the difference for our salt spray test chamber salt and ordinary salt spray test chamber or the industry's general salt spray box test machine ?

1. increased the filter device. Generally, whether it is stainless steel, iron, electroplating layer will have oil, if these things do not clean up dry or have residual, for the test results are influential.

2. the circuit and the test box separately, salt spray test chamber is to do corrosive experiments, how much will have a certain role in the circuit corrosion. If not separated, the circuit board will be corroded.

3. the heating pipe is easier, salt spray test chamber of the heating tube are generally installed in the bottom of the box, conventional equipment if the bad, you must use the forklift to lift the machine and then change, we deliberately left a small door, Later follow-up maintenance.

The above is OTS Hardware electroplating industry - salt spray test chamber characteristics.

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