Helmets Impact and Penetration Test Machine

This machine is mainly for testing the resistance and tolerance of safety helmet from impacting and puncturing.


  1. Structure: Assembled under European standard, with built-in folding structure, makes this machine durable but with modern design.
  2. Position system: The magnetic flux leakage free  system canensure the accurate positioning of test samples.
  3. Display system: Self-recording and self-locking the impact value, the LED screen display test value automatically.
  4. Test system: 5000HZ dynamic sensor, which can collect and output the data automatically.
  5. Protection system: Metal net protection; fixture for test samples; The foot switch is installed at the bottom, which greatly reduces the possibility of accident in the test and further improves the safety of the test operation.
  6. Impact method: Free ball, which simulates the dropping accurately.
  7. Test helmet mold: Spacial designed NO.1 and NO.2 met mold, which not only meets the standard, but also can be repaired after impact test.


  1. Sensor: High specification dynamic sensor;
  2. Force:  20KN;
  3. Frequency: <5KHz
  4. Precision: 1.5%
  5. Impact height: 1000mm ±5mm Adjustable
  6. Impact hammer:Weight: 5~5.01kg; Semicircular, Diameter: 56mm, Material : #45 metal
  7. Penetration hammer: Weight: 3~3.05kg; Diameter: 1mm; Material: #45 metal  ; Cone angle:  60°/ 40mm long; Hardness: HRC 45; Power: 1Ø220V 50Hz (Customized)

Standard: GB 2811-2007 Safety Helmet; GB/T2812-2006 Tests for Safety Helmet

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