Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

High Low Temperature Aging Chamber Usage&Technical Data

High low temperature aging chamber is for high-performance electronic products (such as: computer, display, terminals, power supply, motherboard, monitors, switching charger, etc.) which is simulation the high temperature and bad environment testing equipment.It is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability, and it is the production enterprises to improve product quality and the competitive important production process.Besides,this equipment is widely used in power electronics, computer, communication, bio-pharmacy and other fields.According to the requirements of different configuration ontology system, main electrical system, control system, heating system, temperature control system, into the exhaust system, uniform heating system and time control system, test, load, etc.The test program can be checked out the bad product and bad thing,it can be quickly find and solve problems for customers to provide effective means, improve customer production efficiency and product quality.


1.Make full use of the heating source of electronic products, optimize the design, and reduce the total power of the electric power.
2.Make full use of air as the cold source and control the air volume precisely to adjust the indoor temperature.
3.Reasonable air flow tissues, temperature uniformity of test pieces.
4.Advanced automatic control system, multiple safety protection, ensure production safety.

Main technical parameters:

1, Temperature range: room temperature to 85 ℃
2, Temperature fluctuations, plus or minus 0.5 ℃
3. Effective volume: customized according to requirements
4. Room size: customized according to the requirements
5.Operation mode: adjustable temperature, constant running (program running)
6. Heating power: according to the equipment in the aging room

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