Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

High Temperture Test Chamber’s Application and Working Principle

High Temperture Test Chamber's Application and Working Principle:

1. Product use of high temperature testing machine
This series of high temperature testing machine is mainly used for heat resistance test and high temperature tempering.

2. Working principle of high temperature testing machine
The air chamber is heated in the air chamber, the air room in the test box, circulating air duct, heating device and circulating fan, the top of the air guide board and the diffuser;Temperature controller according to the set temperature and test the temperature in the cabinet inductor transmission signal instructions, through calculus and SSR control module to control the heater output, by experiments in the circulation wind blow out evenly from the top of the space again from the bottom of the recycling constitute a closed-loop control mode, so as to achieve the purpose of the long-term stable operation.

3. Limit of test samples for high temperature testing machine
This test equipment is prohibited: inflammable, explosive, easily volatile material sample test and warehouse for corrosion material sample test or store biological sample test, or store strong electromagnetic emission source of sample test or storage of radioactive material sample test;Test and storage of test samples of highly toxic substances, as well as storage tests or stored procedures.

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