2 Four Kinds Of Judgment Methods Of Salt Fog Test Results

How a Salt Spray Test Machine Works?

Let’s figure out the working principles of salt spray test machine before your purchasing.

Firstly, we have THREE places to add the water.

shall be added with PURIFIED water, and the water will be in the pressure tank to provide hot gas and pressure to the test chamber.
is full of salt water (5000ml purified water with 250g sodium chloride.), The water moves into the tank in test chamber, ready to be tested. Once the water reaches a specific level , the ball will go up and the machine stops adding.

is mainly for heating the water inside the test area to create a warm environment with the temperature you want. There’s a heating tube in the chamber and a water level reminder. To ensure the uniformity of temperature in the test area, we will take 9 different positions and test its temperature before shipment. The deviation shall be ±2℃.
Inside the chamber, the tube is to deliver the hot gas with pressure to make the salt water into fog. The tube is to send salt water into the pipe.

Attention: This test needs a large volume of purified water, so it will be difficulty for operators to make the water all the time before test. OTS has designed the filter on the machine to save your cost and time. You can just put the water and the filter will turn it into purified one.

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