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2 Corrugated Carton Testing Equipment

How Can the Carton Compression Test Machine Determine the Compression Strength of the Carton?

How Can the Carton Compression Test Machine Determine the Compression Strength of the Carton? The compressive strength is an important physical performance index of corrugated box; Almost all experiments are designed to ensure the compressive strength of the carton, which not only reflects the comprehensive characteristics of the whole manufacturing process, but also directly relates to the safety of corrugated box in use.

Testing principle:

The compressive strength of corrugated box refers to the maximum load and deformation amount when the pressure is applied uniformly by the compression test machine.

Laboratory equipment:

One set of the carton compressive testing machine, several pieces of carton box.

The testing steps:

Place the pressure device on the scale and adjust the space for the carton;Close the carton in accordance with the use of the carton. Please Note that the carton should be empty. Then carry out experiments - Place the paper in the center of the weighing platform; - Apply pressure slowly and evenly. ; Until the moment of crumple, read the maximum data on the pressure gauge, that is, the compressive strength, the unit is KG.

Quality analysis:

1.Test function of compressive strength -- The tester presses the plate down at a set speed, applies pressure to the sample after touching the sample, and measures the pressure value of the sample, and measures the deformation of the sample from the pressure value reaching a preset value. After the sample is crushed, the tester will automatically record the pressure peak and the compressive deformation of the sample.

2. Stacking strength test function -- Used to determine the pressure endurance of samples under simulated packing and storage conditions.The pressure plate on the tester descends and the sample is pressurized until the preset pressure is reached. The time is started and the deformation of the sample is measured. Under the influence of the compressive deformation of the sample, the pressure value continuously decreases. When the pressure reduction value gradually approaches the lower limit of the pressure fluctuation range specified by the standard, the tester automatically replenishes the pressure to the preset pressure and holds it. During the entire test process, the testing machine repeatedly adjust the pressure in this way to ensure that the pressure fluctuation does not exceed the specified range, until the specified stacking test time. When the total deformation of the sample under pressure reaches 100mm, the tester automatically terminates the test.

3. Calibration test function --Used to determine the limit compressive strength of high-end special requirements. The platen of the tester moves downwards at a set speed. After the sample is contacted, the sample is pressed. At the same time, the pressure value of the sample is measured, and the deformation of the sample is measured starting from a pressure value of 220N. The lower pressure value and the compressive deformation of the specimen are automatically recorded when the specimen result is at a preset depression distance or pressure.

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