Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How does Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Run For a Long Time?

How does temperature humidity test chamber run for a long time?
In modern life, "low carbon" has become a living habit and popularity, which can not only make our life better, but also save production costs. OTS will introduce some common tips for saving electricity in constant temperature and humidity test box, hoping to help you.
1, Put the position: constant temperature and humidity test chamber should be put in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from heat source, and constant temperature and humidity chamber at the top of the left and right sides when putting back all want to leave proper space, to facilitate heat dissipation.
The high ambient temperature around the constant temperature and humidity test box will increase the power consumption of the test box.
2, To check the sealing of the constant temperature and humidity chamber sealing strip, deformations can occur if the sealing strip, can affect close fit degree, caused by leakage of air conditioning, the increasing power consumption.
If the deformation is serious, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
3, Constant temperature and humidity test chamber use after a period of time, will produce some frost, if cannot frost on a regular basis, then affect the cooling effect, and the power consumption will increase, and easy to damage the compressor.
Therefore, the frost should be defrosted whenever the thickness of ice cream exceeds 7cm.
4. Whenever you open the door, there will be air leakage and hot air intrusion, so you have to operate the compressor again.
Therefore, when accessing samples, it is necessary to minimize opening times and opening times, open doors and close doors quickly, and the opening Angle should be as small as possible.
5, Often should pay attention to for the constant temperature and humidity test chamber "bath", the surface of the compressor and condenser every two to three months should be clean, dust, heat effect is poorer, the more the greater the power consumption is also, to cut off the power when clean, wipe with wet cloth.

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