Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

How is Ozone Produced in the Ozone Aging Test Chamber?

Ozone is a tiny gas in the earth's atmosphere. It is formed when oxygen molecules in the atmosphere break down into oxygen atoms by solar radiation. How is ozone produced in the ozone aging box? The OTS will briefly describe the generation of ozone in the ozone aging box:

The main methods of producing ozone include electrolysis, nuclear radiation, ultraviolet, plasma and corona discharge. More widely used is ozone generator discharge oxidizing air or pure oxygen into ozone. High energy interactive current is applied to ionize oxygen molecules in air to form ozone.

Under ultraviolet radiation, ozone can form naturally from diatomic oxygen through electron emission or exposure. On industry, with dry air or oxygen, use 5~25kv ac voltage for silent discharge manufacturing. In addition, at low temperature electrolysis dilute sulfuric acid, or liquid oxygen heating can be made ozone.

The method of producing ozone is to use dry air or dry oxygen as raw material by discharge method.Another way to produce ozone is by electrolysis, which turns water into oxygen and then free oxygen into ozone.

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