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How to Check And Repair If There Is No Vacuum In The Use of Vacuum Drying Oven

Some users may occasionally fail to vacuumize when using the vacuum drying oven. How do you investigate and deal with such problems?

The vacuum drying oven is divided into two types: horizontal and up and down combined type. The chamber is made of high-quality carbon steel stamped with shell of anti-static plastic coating and inner chamber of stainless steel. The box body is made of high-quality silicate wool for heat preservation. Between the studio and the glass, a molded high-temperature resistant silicone rubber seal ring is installed to ensure the sealing performance of the door and the studio, which greatly improves the vacuum degree in the chamber. The temperature controller adopts the international advanced PID adaptive controller, which is no need to set internal parameters, no overshoot, and with accurate temperature control. The temperature control device with timing and over-temperature protection features greatly improve the safety of equipment.

If there is no vacuum, firstly we have to check whether the air release valve on the bottom plate is closed or not. If the air release valve is always open, we cannot draw the vacuum; Then see of the panel on the vacuum valve isopen, vacuum valve must be opened to use when draw the vacuum;If there is no problem with the above, it depends on whether the vacuum pump suction pipe is connected properly. If it is not properly connected, it must be connected; if the vacuum pump is bad, the vacuum cannot be pumped; if there is no problem, it depends on whether the door is closed or not. Whether the rubber seal is damaged or if the vacuum gauge on the panel is not broken. These reasons may cause the vacuum drying box not to be vacuumed. It is necessary step by step to eliminate the key problems that occur step by step, so as to solve the problem better and faster.

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