Problems Affecting The Product Quality Of Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

How to Check the Leakage of Refrigeration System

The leakage of refrigeration system is a kind of common fault, and the correct selection of leak detection method and tool is the fundamental guarantee to accurately determine the location of the leakage point and effectively adopt the repair plan.General refrigeration equipment factory more than three years before there may be a lack of refrigeration medium phenomenon.However, this is not the same as the refrigerant leakage scheme. If a refrigerating equipment is obviously short of refrigerant after one year of use, there must be a leakage hole. At this time, its position needs to be determined and repaired.

1.Leakage analysis

According to the size of the hole, there are three ways of leakage:

(1) large leakage hole phenomenon, the specific performance of this leakage hole is the refrigerant leakage amount is more, the phenomenon is the compression captain time running, refrigeration effect is obviously worse, the condenser is not hot or a small part of the slight heat, most of the evaporator is not cool running current less than the rated current, and the running noise is low.

(2) the phenomenon of small leakage when the leakage is small, its refrigeration performance has five obvious changes, the user is not easy to find in a short time, seven manifestation is the refrigeration time is too long, the central part of the condenser without a sense of temperature, the evaporator after the half of the frost-free suction tube is not cool.After a long time leakage will appear when the phenomenon of large hole leakage.

(3) micro leakage phenomenon the so-called micro leakage refers to the eye can not observe the leakage.At this time the leakage is only the refrigerant molecules through the pipe wall leakage, or through the threaded connection to the external leakage.This phenomenon need not leak detection, just refill the refrigerant.Through the above analysis, according to the change of the cooling performance, maintenance refrigeration system preliminary judgment is whether the leak, generally speaking, the captain of the compression time operation and no refrigeration, can why certainly refrigerant leakage, if only the compressor running time is too long, low cooling efficiency should be comprehensive analysis of various factors, such as heat load is too large, the condenser fouling whether such as too much will make an accurate judgment.

2.Methods for leak detection in refrigeration systems

Many leak detection methods in refrigeration systems generally follow the principle of simplicity to complexity.System leakage inspection, visual inspection of welding and pipe bending is whether there are folds, cracks, microholes and oil.Focus on the observation of suspicious points whether there are residual oil stains.In addition, there are soap water leak detection, halogen lamp leak detection.Electronic leak detector, etc.

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