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How To Choose A Suitable Universal Test Machine

How to choose a suitable universal test machine? Today i will introduce 7 tips to help you make a better choice.

Firstly, test project:

The soft packing requires the machine to be multi-purpose, which is to stretch, compress, bend, tear, cut, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping test on the basis of different clamping devices.

Secondly, tension range, test stroke and basic configuration:

Different force sensors are configured to cause different structures and will directly affect the cost of the instrument. For general soft packaging manufacturers, the tension range of 300 newtons is enough; According to the performance and requirements of the soft packaging film, the trip can be 600-800mm.

Three kinds of intelligent basic configurations: host, computer, and printer, or the microcomputer with printing function. It can also be equipped with ordinary computers.

If the computer is fitted, the manufacturer shall add the corresponding control system.With a computer, you can perform complex data analysis, such as data editing, local amplification, adjustable report form, making a statistical analysis of group style.

Thirdly, sensor:

The main cost lies in the life. Sensor inductive technology can be used for more than 100,000 times. Usually, sensor imported abroad or produced by domestic joint venture factory can achieve the serve life.

Fourthly,  machining equipment accuracy:

For the machine process of the tensile machine, it invloves car, grinding, planing, washing process , has numerical control process, line cutting process; What process is selected will directly affect the price.

Fifth, test speed:

The speed of some universal test machine is in the range of 10~ 500mm/min, some at 0.01~ 500mm/min, the former generally adopts the ordinary speed regulating system, the cost is low,but the test result is not accuracy.The latter using servo system, the price is expensive while with high accuracy.  For the flexible packaging enterprises, it is good to choose the speed range of 1 ~ 500 mm/min, this will not affect the accuracy and the price in a reasonable range. Note:, For the speed regulating system, the price is about RMB 10,000; The price of the servo motor is about 4000RMB.

Sixth, test accuracy:

Precision includes measuring precision, speed accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy. These precision values can be as high as +- 0.5.But for general manufacturers, 1% accuracy is sufficient. In addition, the force value resolution can almost reach 1/100,000.

Seventh, transmission:

Machine transmission includes screw drive and rack drive. The former is expensive, used for high precision and repeatability; The latter is cheap, with low precision and low repeatability. The tension machine for flexible packaging is used frequently and the demand is high, so the screw drive should be selected. The screw bar has a decisive effect on the measurement of tensile precision. Generally, there are ball screw, trapezoid screw and general screw. Among them, the ball screw is the most accurate, but the performance depends on the computer servo system operation, so the price for a complete set is also more expensive.

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