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How To Choose The Best Tensile Test Machine

We have to buy tensile test machine in order to achieve through the QS certification to national standards, to meet the standards to be normal production; the second is to detect their own products, improve product quality, quality qualified to be able to further open the market. Currently on the market a wide range of Rally, the price is not the same, in the end how to choose?

1. First, the tensile force of the force sensor, because the sensor determines the accuracy of the test machine and the stability of the force, the current market Rally with the sensor small force value generally use S-type sensor, the value of the general use of the wheel Radiation sensor, the sensor is generally internal resistance strain gauge, if the strain gauge accuracy is not high or fixed strain gauge with the adhesive anti-aging ability or the sensor material is not good will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. The benefits of the instrument used by the import of sensors for the world's chopsticks sensor manufacturers US force sensor, the sensor high precision, good linearity, performance is very stable, decades will not change.

2. The second is to The component ball screw that drives the sensor movement, because the screw if there is a gap in the future to make the test data, will directly respond to the maximum deformation test and the elongation after breaking. Currently on the market of the Rally some screw is a T-shaped ordinary screw, so that the gap is relatively large, and second, the friction is relatively large service life, the screw used for the German gifted high-precision non-gap ball Screw, the surface hardening hardness of HRC58-62, the service life of up to several decades. And to ensure the same accuracy.

3.Tensile test machine is the rally of the transmission system, the current market Rally drive system using reducer, and some use of ordinary belt, the main drawbacks of these two transmission methods: the former need to regularly add lubricants, Can not guarantee the synchronization of the transmission test results. Yihuan equipment produced by the Rally drive system using a full arc synchronous belt deceleration, to ensure the transmission of the synchronization accuracy, high precision transmission, high efficiency, smooth transmission, dry sound low, do not maintain long service life.

4. Tensile test machine is the power source (motor) is also called the motor, the current market, some Rally with ordinary three-phase motor or variable frequency motor, this motor using analog signal control, slow control, positioning is not accurate, Speed ​​range narrow

5. Finally, Rally is the measurement and control system (that is, software and hardware), the current market, most of the R & D system is the use of 8-bit microcontroller control, sampling rate is low, and poor anti-interference ability, the other Is the AD converter.

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