1 Temp And Humidity Test Chamber

How To Choose Your Best Test Machines For Laptop And Cellphone?

How To Choose Your Best Test Machines For Laptop And Cellphone? As we all can see, the using security of electronics are growing important for our customers, therefore, we suggest following test machines for manufacturers in this field:

1.Temp and humidity test chamber
Temp and humidity test chamber is for testing material heat, cold, dry resistance, humidity resistance.Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical,building materials, medical, aerospaceand other products.

2.Rubber key switch button force position test machine
This tester is used for pressing force test and rebounding force test of keyboard buttons, key stokes, and all kinds button of electronic products.
It adopts high precision load cell and is driven by servo motor, which can receive accurate force testing data.

3.Laptop hinge torsion durability tester
This machine is used for testing the hinge of laptop computer, DVD and other foldable electronic products. To check the holding capability of the hinge, and to check if the plastic body is damage by getting higher resistance of hinge after many opening and closing.

4.Phone charger plugged life testing machine
Machine for mobile phones and other similar products in rolls falling testing, with 6 digital  display count, there are two test warehouse can test 2 samples at the same time. Used in continuous terrors turn (falling) experiments for mobile phone,  PDA, electronic dictionary, CD, MP3 etc, all kinds of small, light quantity and portable electronic products, connectors and remote control.

5.Phone touch screen click crossed test instrument
Instrument is mainly handwritten screen phone, the dialogue machines, electronic dictionaries and other small consumer electronics products, touch screen tile, click, friction durability test.

6.Steel ball drop impact tester
Apply for steel ball impact test for mobile phone, PDA, digital camera, electronic dictionary. To check the anti-impact strength.

7.High and low temperature tensile test machine
This high and low temperature tensile testing machine is suitable for universal materials testing, for tensile, compression, bending, peeling, tearing, peeling, bursting, fatigue test on metal rod, metal plate, rubber, PU, leather, plastic, foam, sponge, water-proof material, cable, wire, fabric, nettle, non-woven, etc.


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