08How To Choose Your Best Test Machines For Laptop And Cellphone

How to Choose Your Best Test Machines for Laptop and Cellphone?II

How To Choose Your Best Test Machines For Laptop And Cellphone? As we all can see, the using security of electronics are growing important for our customers, therefore, we suggest following test machines for manufacturers in this field:

8.Computer Keyboard Tester

This tester is used for life time test of computer keyboard, note-book keyboard, other knobs and switches, and it can test many parts together at the same time (Every parts can be tested at many different places).

9.Automotive Connector Insertion Force Tester

Automotive connector insertion force tester is used in various kinds of connectors
for plug in and out force test. It is equipped with automatic device for adjustment centre site and special grips so that it can get the precision insert force. Adopted Chinese Windows version software frames setting which is easy for operation and storage of test data (test condition, insert stroke curve graph, lifetime curve,
inspection report etc. ) Matched with motional impedance test system, this machine
can do insertion test as well as motional impedance test and drawing together. (Load-stroke-impedance curve).

10.Three Axis Key Pressing Load Test Instrument with Stroke Curve

The tester is moved by X, Y, Z axes, X,Y are to move the testing platform, so that can realize the multi-points compression test for the buttons force test and the electronic products compression test; Z axis is connected to the transducer to apply the test force ,collect the test force and control the compression time. The system is controlled by computer professional software, can set the test force, test time, test cycles, and test speed, and can collect the test force ,test time, test speed to generate the test graph. X,Y,Z axes are driven by servo motor from Japanese Panasonic to drive; transmission by precise ballscrew which can achieve the low noise and long durability. The tester is equipped with a controlled box, the operator can also use the box for the tester setting. The tester is table top type, a special table as the accessory. Chinese or English interface can be optional . The unit (N,Lb,gf,kgf) can be switched freely .

11.Mobile Phone Directional Drop Tester
This equipment is used to influence on the performance of the product fell unexpectedly when customers use the actual assessment of products, applicable to small electronic products, mobile phone PAD, e-books, electronic dictionary for specified direction or specify the location of the drop test.

12. Mobile Phone Drum Drop Tester
IEC60068 Mobile Phone Drum Drop Tester is suitable for the mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionaries, CD, MP3, remote control device and other small portable electronic products which need continuous rotary free falling testing. AS-DT-150 has two testing zones which can do the test at the same time, through the testing times reach to setting , then check the testing samples be damage or not.

13. Mobile Phone Twist Tester
Mobile phones torsion testing machine is suitable for the torsion test, to test the phone's shell and internal structure of distortion resistance.

14.Mobile Soft Compress Durability Tester
Mobile soft compress durability tester applies for soft compressing testing for mobile phone remote controls, MP3, CD, electronic dictionary and so on. To estimate the anti-pressing function of mobile phone LCD, PCB and so on.

15. Mobile Repeating Drop Tester
Mobile repeating drop tester applies for repeating dropping (light dropping) test of mobile phone, telephone receiver, interphone, MP3, CD, electronic dictionary, etc. To check if the products’ parts and function normal or not after many times light dropping.

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