How to Choose Your Best Test Machines of Luggage/Suitcase?

Nowadays, with the bombing of international trade and travel, case and luggage are necessities for everyone. But for manufactures, the quality decides if they can give a big proportion in this area. So we suggest following machines for you to make a better decision.

Double Arm Drop Tester(Model: XB-OTS-220B)

Double Arms Drop Tester is mainly used in the inspection package in the transportation, loading and unloading process under the influence of drop impact degree, evaluation package in the process of handling resistance to impact strength and the rationality of the design of packaging.

Luggage Simulated Lifting Testing Machine (Model:XB-OTS-1018)

Luggage Oscillating Impact Testing Machine (Model: XB-OTS-1314)

To test the shock resistance test of the suitcase, the sewing thread and the whole structure. The method is to load the specified load on the object, with the speed impact of 30 times per minute and the 4-inch stroke for 2500 trials. The test results can be used as a reference for quality improvement. Meet the requirements of QB/T 2922-2007.

Luggage Walking Bump Abrasion Tester (Model:XB-OTS-1013)

It is used in the case of the traveling box with wheels, the travelling test of wheel and axle, the whole structure of the box, and the results of the test, which can be used as reference for improvement.
Video: https://youtu.be/gMRAjUBKbmU

Luggage Rod Reciprocating Tester (Model:XB-OTS-1161)

The luggage reciprocating tester is also called the luggage life tester. This machine is used for the reciprocating fatigue test of the tie rod of the luggage. During the test, the test piece will be stretched to test the gap, looseness, failure, deformation, etc. of the tie bar. At a certain pull-out and lamination frequency, the reciprocating fatigue performance of the pull rod, the structural rigidity of the pull rod, and the durability of the switch are checked by continuously switching, reciprocatingly pulling, and pressing the drawbar lock and pull rod of the luggage.

Luggage Hexagonal Roller Testing Machine (Model:XB-OTS-1158)

Roller drop tester, luggage drum drop tester, bag roller tester, this machine is based on the United States SAMSONITE standard manufacturing, for the travel box and other containers in the transport process of the tumble impact test, the box in the cylinder roll and impact After the specified number of revolutions has been completed, check the damaged condition of the box as a basis for quality control. Hexagonal roller test subjects the test sample to a series of random rotations on the inner surface of the rotating hexagonal cylinder. The test sample can be dropped on different surfaces, edges or corners depending on the guide plate and baffle provided, thus forming different impacts on the test sample. Hazards, their order of fall and state are unpredictable.

Luggage Zipper Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine (Model: XB-OTS-1017)

Luggage Zipper reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine is professionally designed for determining the zipper in the tension function of transverse and longitudinal that can sustain the specified number of reciprocating pulling operation. In the test, the machine drives the zipper pull head to perform reciprocating isokinetic movement in a speed of 30 times per minute, up to the specified number.

Digital Luggage Wheel Fatigue Tester (Model:XB-OTS-1025)

Digital Luggage Wheel Fatigue Tester According to this method simulation of the suitcase running on the ground with wheel, to test the wear-resistance of the wheel. Can be measured wheel wear resistance and the overall structure of the material whether wear or deformation, The test results are available for reference for improvement.

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