1 Paperboard Bursting Strength Testing Instrument

How to Choose Your Best Test Machines of Paperboard?

For package manufactures(paperboard), they always have no idea which machines they indeed need for testing. Now we are listing the test equipment that factories usually purchase in this industry:

Paperboard Bursting Strength Testing Instrument
Bursting strength tester for packaging industry is fit for products which are packaged by corrugated paper such as electronic instruments, electric ware, hardwares, bike, valise, food, shoe, furniture etc, to test the bursting-resistance strength of paper box; it can also test cloth and synthetic leather. This type of bursting strength tester is adapted with signal output of pressure. While specimen is breaking, the max. breaking value will be kept with the alarm buzzer & alert light automatically. Its Accuracy has promoted 20 times more than the traditional gauge.

Corrugated Carton Testing Equipment
Corrugated carton testing equipment is used for measuring the pressure strength of boxes,cartons, packaging containers, etc. for inspecting the pressure-resistance and strike-endurance of packing materials during transportation or carry. Also it can do hold pressure stacking test. It's equipped with 4 precise Load Cells for detection. The testing results are displayed by computer.The main technical parameters Corrugated Box Compression Tester.

Intelligent Ink Rubbing Fastness Tester
Ink rubbing fastness testing instrument is used to test the paper and paperboard with high smoothness, which not apply to test materials that thickness over 0.5mm or the paper and paperboard with good air permeability.

ECT Edge Crush Test Equipment
ECT edge crush tester can do a full range of tests, which include ring crush testing, flat crush testing, edge compressive testing, adhensive strength testing and other general compression tests, to a variety of materials like paper, packaging materials, etc. It is a multi-functional testing equipment.

Cardboard Puncture Resistance Tester
Digital Type Cardboard Puncture Tester is the dedicated equipment for corrugated cardboard.Its parameter conforms to the related regulation.It has the characteristics of swift compaction,handle resetting automatically and safety protection,the testing result is high precise and reliable.It is the necessary equipment for the paper-making factory,research and quality supervision department.

Slope Impact Test Machine
Slope impact test machine is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport. Slope impact test machine is apply to the pile up of goods, slide of electromechanical, loading of the engine, transportation of product. This product is also can supply as the test machine to scientific research institution, college, packaging technique test centre, packaging material manufacture and foreign trade or transport department.

Digital Free Drop Weight Impact Testing Instrument
During the products handling or transport process, there may be drop/ fall, which results in damage within the products. And this device simulates the drop/ fall of a finished product to evaluate the damage. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the products can be tested.

Transport Simulation Vibration Testing Machine
Transport Vibration Testing Machine, which simulates a transportation environment, is applicable to the vibration test of toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, communications, packages, equipment, computer and automobile components, etc.

Box Clamping force Testing Machine
Box clamping force testing machine is designed to measure the deflections of product packages and protective capacity of packages for product when suffering level pressure in the process of transportation and storage to improve the quality of product package.

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