Programmable Environmental Temperature And Humidity Chamber Operation Note Points

How to Deal With High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Tripping?

How to deal with high and low temperature test chamber tripping?

Main problems:
1. During the operation of the test box, the total power will occasionally trip off;
2. When each trip is made, the first-level general power switch of the upper level also jumps together.
3. The test box cannot be restarted after tripping;
4. Frequent power jumping occurs in high and low temperature wet and hot box;
5. Automatic trip at high temperature;
6. Always trip at low temperature.

High and low temperature test box scientific solution:
1. In case of any such situation, check one by one. First, set the high temperature (40 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Celsius) of the machine and set the humidity to 0. If the heating tube is short-circuited, just change the heating tube, the operation is very simple.
2. If there is no trip at high temperature, set humidity, and continue to click to see whether the machine is jumping. If the trip is short circuit of humidifying tube, leakage of electricity.
If such happens, will we side panel of machine screws loosen and remove the barrier, will see a humidifying barrels, the above two wires removed, it will cover the Allen screw in the six removed, replace humidifying tube, when installation will need to thermal probe binding on humidifying tube, prevent dry and overtemperature protection.
After solving these faults, we should find out the reasons for them. Most of these cases are caused by the improper use of the customer in the early stage. In the absence of water addition, the humidity of the operation will cause the humidifying tube to continue to dry and burn.
Therefore, we require the customer to read the instructions carefully before operating the high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat box. Then, when the machine is not added with pure water, and * when the water is added, remember not to set humidity, so as not to alarm the machine and damage the life of machine parts.

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