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How to Deal With the Common Failure of Sand and Dust Test Chamber

Sand and dust test chamber is a common test equipment in industry, which is mainly used to test the sealing performance of product shell. In the process of use, the equipment failure may be caused by the failure to operate according to the operation standards, long-time use and maintenance, etc. Therefore, the OTS gives you a detailed explanation of how to deal with common faults and the maintenance measures.
1. The power-on instrument is not on and out of power: check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, and whether there is a zero line.
2. No dust blowing: check whether the blower works normally or is not too small. Check whether the dust is dry.
3. Non-vibration: check whether the vibrating motor works normally.
4. The sand and dust test box shall be managed and operated by a special person, and the box body and blower shall be cleaned and maintained regularly by professionals.
5. In order to steadily develop the function of test chamber, performance, need to select all the year round temperature between 15 ℃ and 25 ℃, relative humidity (85% of the space.
6. Distance between adjacent walls or utensils: the equipment can be installed in a place without direct sunlight, and the surrounding ventilation is relatively good. The equipment should be installed in a place with little dust and close to the power supply.

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